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Bigger Than Jesus Fist

Press Releases:

The return of the award-winning international sensation
A solo show starring Rick Miller and co-created and directed by Daniel Brooks
Playing in French for the first time in Montreal (with 2 English and 1 German/French performance)
From June 8 to 19 2010, Montreal’s Théâtre de Quat’Sous will host the return of Rick Miller and his hit show BIGGER THAN JESUS. In a multi-lingual run, Miller will be performing the play for the first time in French in his hometown.
From June 8 to 19 2010, Montreal’s Théâtre de Quat’Sous will host the return of Rick Miller and his hit show BIGGER THAN JESUS. In a multi-lingual run, Miller will be performing the play for the first time in French in his hometown. In addition, there will be two English performances on June 15-16, as well as a German/French performance on June 11th.
"BIGGER THAN JESUS is theatrical soul food.  Miller is a wonderful comedian,
singer and physical dynamo - an Olympian of an actor.  At the end of the
performance I saw, Miller got an 'Amen' and a standing ovation."

Halifax Chronicle Herald, April 2010.
BIGGER THAN JESUS is a “sinfully funny” and poignant multi-media ‘mass’ that questions the mysteries of life and historical and modern viewpoints on Christianity. On tour since 2003, the play has won acclaim all over Canada, the USA, the UK and Europe, including 7 nominations and 3 wins at Toronto’s DORA Mavor Moore Awards, Canada’s equivalent to the Tonys.
Rick Miller – who Montrealers have recently seen playing over 15 characters in Robert Lepage’s epic LIPSYNCH – hosts this multi-media ‘mass’, making us think, laugh and cry in a whirlwind performance. A New York Jew teaches a crash course on Christianity 101, a preacher of the « Church of Me » trades a crucifix for a mirror, a flight attendant on « Air Jesus » answers prayers via his laptop camera… even Homer Simpson makes a brief cameo as Judas:
“You haven't lived until you've seen the Last Supper as a puppet show!"
The Globe and Mail
Director Daniel Brooks and Miller, together with designers Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson, have skillfully crafted a show where lightness and humour never undercut the seriousness of the subject matter. BIGGER THAN JESUS deftly dances the line between reverence and irreverence, always challenging traditional belief without trivializing it. The structure of the Catholic mass is followed religiously (of course!), but with remarkable creativity, playfulness and mischief. Stripped of its sacred and untouchable character, the story of Jesus is thereby revealed in all its poignancy and universality. In short, BIGGER THAN JESUS is a truly unique theatrical experience.
Trained in Montreal as an architect, actor, musician, and playwright, Rick Miller is one of North America’s most respected multi-disciplinary performers, having performed in five languages on five continents. He is the host of ABC’s hit primetime series “Just for Laughs”, and Entertainment Weekly has called him “one of the 100 most creative people alive today”. He is currently touring the international hits MacHomer, BIGGER THAN JESUS, HARDSELL (also created with Daniel Brooks), and LIPSYNCH, his 4th collaboration with Robert Lepage and Ex Machina.
BIGGER THAN JESUS is directed and co-created by Daniel Brooks, one of Canada’s most influential theatre figures of the last 2 decades. As an actor, playwright and director, he has won accolades and awards for such productions as Here Lies Henry, The Noam Chomsky Lectures, House, Insomnia, Faust and Half-Life. Winner of the inaugural Siminovitch prize for directing in Canada, Brooks’ work has also toured around the world.
"There isn't a more invigorating, thoughtful and exciting piece of theatre in Toronto."
NOW Magazine
"Mesmerizing! Few can match Miller's impeccable comic delivery and joyous energy."
Globe and Mail
"Extremely entertaining. Extraordinarily inventive."
Toronto Star
"Riveting! Don't miss it."
CBC Radio
"Wildly funny."
EYE Magazine
From June 8 to 19 2010*
Created by: Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks
Directed by: Daniel Brooks
Set and video design: Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson
Lighting design: Beth Kates
Sound design: Ben Chaisson
Starring Rick Miller
* Performances in English, French, and German/French. Full show schedule at www.quatsous.com
A WYRD and Necessary Angel production
Co-presented by Théâtre de Quat’Sous
Théâtre de Quat’Sous, 100, avenue des Pins Est, Montréal
Tickets: 514 845-7277 Admission: 514 790-1245 www.admission.com
Opening (media): Wednesday, June 9th, 8pm
Publicist and PR: Isabelle Bleau, Isabelle Bleau Communications
Tél.: (514) 933-2523 Cell: (514) 992-8319

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