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Bigger Than Jesus Fist

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April 16, 2010

The return of the award-winning international sensation
A solo show starring Rick Miller and co-created and directed by Daniel Brooks
Playing in French for the first time in Montreal (with 2 English and 1 German/French performance)
From June 8 to 19 2010, Montreal’s Théâtre de Quat’Sous will host the return of Rick Miller and his hit show BIGGER THAN JESUS. In a multi-lingual run, Miller will be performing the play for the first time in French in his hometown.

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"A fast moving, in your face and provocative piece from the many-voiced creator of MacHOMER. The mature thought, the simple intelligence of the questions get us thinking too and that's what good theatre does. There's lots of manic performance. There's also compelling work that is thoughtful, still and riveting. Daniel Brooks as director and co-writer has a keen eye for detail. Every image is startling and right. And the use of Ben Chaisson's video and sound design is masterful. This production is hugely theatrical. Who would I recommend this for? Anyone with an inquiring mind, who loves theatre that is edgy, intelligent and thought provoking. It's important. Don't miss this."
- CBC Radio

"An exciting piece of multimedia theater with a challenging point of view, Bigger Than Jesus could have a big future... a fast-paced, thought-provoking ride."
- Variety
"A fast moving, in your face and provocative piece... Don't miss this."
- CBC Radio, Here & Now
"Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks tackled the whole issue of the Messiah with humour, intelligence and superb theatricality"
- Toronto Star
" **** Outrageously clever... Loaded with humour, dramatic intensity and even moments of horror"
- Now Magazine
"Mesmerizing..." - The Globe and Mail
"A mind-blowing one-man show that skillfully combines theater and film"
- Tageszeitung,(Munich)
" **** Story of Jesus rendered witty, creative, modern. His energy is prodigious, his magnetism unquestionable and his versatility inspiring..."
- Toronto Star
"A divine tragedy that also happens to be sinfully funny"
- Winnipeg Sun, Best Bets


Rick Miller with Margaret Throsby - January 19, 2011

Mornings with Margaret Throsby
ABC Classic FM
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